The Milwaukee Art Quilters

The Milwaukee Art Quilters (MArQ) make contemporary art quilts, pursue exhibit and competition opportunities, and support each other’s artistic growth.

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Heavy Metal – 2014

Represent the theme in any way (music, chrome on motorcycles, musicians tools, etc.). The quilt must contain some metal, or have fabric that looks like metal. 38″ wide x 31″.

sm 1932 Duesy -- Linda Reuss Benson (small jpeg)

1932 Duesy by Linda Reuss Benson

sm Beautiful Beast -- Judy Valentino (small jpeg)

Beautiful Beast by Judy Valentino

sm Cu 29 -- Sonja Lambach Pavlik (small jpeg)

Cu 29 by Sonja Lambach Pavlik

sm Dark but not Empty, Chaotic but not Random -- Chiyoku Be (1)

Dark But Not Empty, Chaotic But Not Random by Chiyoko Bermant

sm Frenzy at Fort Knox -- Jane Hyer Walton (small jpeg)

Frenzy at Fort Knox by Jane Hyer Walton

sm Heavy Metal in Flight -- Chris Lynn Kirsch (small jpeg)

Heavy Metal in Flight by Chris Lynn Kirsch

sm Mercury Rising -- Terri Sankovitz (small jpeg)

Mercury Rising by Terri Sankovitz

sm Transcontinental -- Kathleen Hughes (small jpeg)

Transcontinental by Kathleen Hughes

The Bells-Call to Evening Vespers by Nancy Linz

The Bells – Call to Evening Vespers by Nancy Linz