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The Milwaukee Art Quilters (MArQ) make contemporary art quilts, pursue exhibit and competition opportunities, and support each other’s artistic growth.

Bead Inspired Quilts 2012


This is our recent Marq challenge entitled “Bead Inspired”.  The first 8 quilts shown were entered in the Ultimate Guild Challenge competition at the AQS show in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We took 3rd place!

Bead Inspired: Create a piece of fiber art inspired by a single bead/button purchased from a bead/button shop or show. The item must be attached in some way to the quilt. The bead/button should determine at least one of the following: the shape of the quilt, color palette, design lines. Size: 32″ long (vertically – plus or minus 1″) by a minimum of 31″ wide (horizontally). The width of the quilt can exceed the minimum of 31″ if the design warrants it, up to a maximum of 60″.

Cave Pearls by Suzanne Riggio (gold pearl, lower right)

Czech Aurora by Chris Lynn Kirsch

Czech Aurora by Chris Lynn Kirsch (Blue button in center)

Opus in Bead Minor by Sandy Hendricks (glass bead in green rectangle)

Pete’s Pisces by Casey Puetz (fish button in fish’s eye)

To Explore Strange, New Worlds by Kathleen Hughes (large, flat black/green bead in Sunset lands – left of center)

Where The Earth Meets Sea by Nancy Linz (large glass bead in seaweed, lower right)

Who’s Your Daddy by Terri Kirchner (glass seahorse bead looking into Daddy’s eyes)

Button Up by Jane Walton

Button Up by Jane Walton

Earth Elements by Charlene Cinpinski (brown button at center)

Mardi Gras by Sandra Jolliff (large glass bead in center of mask)

Go Green by Lisa Anne Giesfelt (“Go Green” button in center of lower left flower)

Mending a Dichotomous Thought by Chiyoko Bermant (button in center of quilt)

The Remembrance by Judy Valentino (blue/black button in lower right of circle)

Emergence by Maribeth Schmit (leaf buttons above and below tree)

Not So Mellow Yellos by Mary Ellen Heus (beads top – center)

The Quilter’s Hand by Nancy Kimpel (white shirt buttons throughout quilt)

Sunspot by Jane Misslich (button in orange circle)

Pedro by Sonja Pavlik (button in birds eye)

Sugar and Spice by Judy Zoelzer Levine (buttons on dress straps)

You can also view them along with all the 2012 winners here:


6 thoughts on “Bead Inspired Quilts 2012

  1. I loved your quilt “The Jennings Homestead” and wondered how you started on this project. Does each quilter get a line drawing of the photograph at the correct size or a piece of a photograph at the correct size?

    Excellent job!!!

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  4. What a wonderful theme for a show, terrific work !!

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