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The Milwaukee Art Quilters (MArQ) make contemporary art quilts, pursue exhibit and competition opportunities, and support each other’s artistic growth.

Common Objects – 2010

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Bring a common, non-perishable object as a source of inspiration in an opaque bag to the November meeting. This item does not need to appear on the finished product; t is for inspiration only. We will be mixing up the bags and then picking one.

Create a mixed media piece no bigger than 36” on any side or smaller than 12” on any side. You may use fabric, but the non-fabric areas should be recognizable as a significant element(s) of the design.

Mixed media would include things such as wood, paper, metal, leather, glass, ceramic, or anything other than fabric you can attach to the piece. The piece should be able to be hung on a wall.

Paper Circles by Mary Ellen Heus

Dixie Cup by Marla Morris KennedyCotton Balls by Deb Kinder

Lotus Pod by Laura KrasinskiPriceless by Linda Reuss Benson

High Noon by Jane Hyer Walton

Hung Up by Kathleen Hughes

Let Your Light So Shine by Chris Lynn Kirsch

Lollipops by Nancy Linz

King of My Backyard by Suzanne Riggio

King of My Backyard by Suzanne Riggio




Paper Poppie by Terri Sankovitz

True Beauty? by Judy Zoelzer LevineRx by Jane Misslich1752 by Kathleen SweeneyNeedle Case by Chris SommerfeltI'm Puzzled by Marianne Kayne

Stacked Boxes by KasiaNutcracker by Kelly JurekIts a Frog by Susie Ladron mix

Sponge by Nancy Kimpel

Blue Footed Boobie Next by Beth Shulman

Lunartic by Chiyoko Bermant

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