The Milwaukee Art Quilters

The Milwaukee Art Quilters (MArQ) make contemporary art quilts, pursue exhibit and competition opportunities, and support each other’s artistic growth.

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Black & White Plus One

Use only black and white fabrics plus one other single color. This is meant to be visually high impact. You can use as few or as many fabrics as you want, prints and tones on tones are okay as long as they READ black, white and the single chosen plus color in hue, tone and value. Your black should not drift into gray or your white drift into cream/beige unless you want gray or beige to stand as your third color. Black & white should be the highest ratio; any amount of color up to but NOT more than one third of the total surface. Style, subject matter and technique is the choice of the artist. Size is 32″ square (+/- 1 “).

Giesfeldt, Lisa ~ Higgs boson

Lisa Giesfeldt, Higgs Boson


Linz, Nancy ~ Endangered

Nancy Linz, Endangered

Boucher, Kathie ~ Noise

Kathie Boucher, Noise

Hughes, Kathleen ~ String Theory

Kathleen Hughes, String Theory

Pavlik, Sonja ~ Wakiya Thunderbird

Sonja Pavlik, Wakiya Thunderbird

Flescher, Linda ~ Midnight Carousel

Linda Flescher, Midnight Carousel

Dunaway, Diana ~ Let It Bee

Diana Dunaway, Let It Bee

Heus, Mary Ellen ~ Into the Woods

Mary Ellen Heus, Into the Woods

Zoelzer Levine, Judy ~ Intersections

Judy Zoelzer Levine, Intersections

Zoelzer Levine, Judy ~ Pods

Judy Zoelzer Levine, Pods

Riggio, Suzanne ~ A Star Spangled Banner

Suzanne Riggio, A Star Spangled Banner

Bermant, Chiyoko ~ Mis[s]fit

Chiyoko Bermant, Mis[s]fit

Walton, Jane ~ Going Green

Jane Walton, Going Green

Valentino, Judy ~ Coy Koi

Judy Valentino, Coy Koi

Fritz, Johanna ~ Off Kilter

Johanna Fritz, Off Kilter

Schmidt, Maribeth ~ Market Day

Maribeth Schmidt, Market Day

Kirsch, Chris ~ Golden Dusk

Chris Kirsch, Golden Dusk