The Milwaukee Art Quilters

The Milwaukee Art Quilters (MArQ) make contemporary art quilts, pursue exhibit and competition opportunities, and support each other’s artistic growth.

Uncommon Folk at the Milwaukee Art Museum

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Interested in exploring the intersection of art and craft?

Currently on view at the Milwaukee Art Museum—Uncommon Folk: Traditions in American Art. This exhibit, which runs from January 31 through May 4, 2014, celebrates that ever-present independent streak in American art, and includes paintings, sculpture, drawings, and furniture from the Milwaukee Art Museum’s world-class collection. Best of all—quilts will be on exhibit, notable examples of the contemporary art of the Gee’s Bend quilters.

This exhibit should be a must-see for traditional and art quilters, who have always drawn inspiration from the art and craft formats of American folk art. The museum is planning loads of enrichment activities, from Duck Decoy Day (February 9), to musical performances, numerous lectures, and hands-on activities for the whole family.

The museum has an Uncommon Folk: Traditions in American  page set up listing event schedules and other pertinent information. Check it out!


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