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The Milwaukee Art Quilters (MArQ) make contemporary art quilts, pursue exhibit and competition opportunities, and support each other’s artistic growth.

Meet Casey Puetz

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Casey Puetz is an award winning published artist whose work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. Her fiber and mixed media work has been juried into exhibits including but not limited to the Whistler House Museum of Art, the Gerald Ford Museum and Presidential Library, as well as the Manhattan Arts International Gallery.

Additional venues for her work also include the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum, the LaConner Quilt Museum, the Arts Centre Great Hall in Christchurch, New Zealand and the Third International Textile Symposium in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Casey’s work is known for its color and diverse subject matter including pieces with Asian and African influences.  Although she primarily employs conventional fabrics, she also uses items like melted felt, plastic mesh produce bags, and painted Tyvek®. She works in both planned and freeform styles while drawing heavily from traditional quilt-making techniques.

Art quilts are part of the fiber art field of highly collectable artwork. These quilts are meant to hang on the wall like an oil or watercolor painting. The quilted surface brings a dimensional depth to the artwork that paint alone cannot.

In addition to the Milwaukee Art Quilters, Casey is an active member of several professional organizations including Studio Art Quilt Associates, Professional Art Quilt Alliance and the Kettle Moraine Fine Arts Guild.


Go here to visit Casey’s website.


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  1. So proud to know you and call you friend.

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