The Milwaukee Art Quilters

The Milwaukee Art Quilters (MArQ) make contemporary art quilts, pursue exhibit and competition opportunities, and support each other’s artistic growth.

Welcome to Milwaukee Art Quilters Blog


I am excited to start this blog for the Milwaukee Art Quilters.   I will be posting photos of our work and links to websites and blogs and updated events that we will be a part of.  So stay tuned and add our blog to your blog feeds..


5 thoughts on “Welcome to Milwaukee Art Quilters Blog

  1. Nice job on setting up this blog for us Laura. And what an inaugural, celebrating a first place win in Knoxville. Congratulations to all eight of you and to all of you who participated in this challenge.

    Chris Sommerfelt

  2. Laura-

    The blog looks terrific, very professional. You have done a wonderful job.

  3. Fabulous! Now everyone can find us that the wonderful work that everyone does. Excellent job, Laura & Chris!

  4. Gorgeous quilts and cool idea. Our group just did a photo segmented challenge and a challenge using the same sky fabric. I love your red line use. Thanks for sharing. I linked over from QA.

  5. Just saw your show in Plymouth. It was fantastic!

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